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Restaurant & Bar

nha trang hotel restaurant

Location: 2nd Floor. Our Natural air system ensures the hotel is engulfed in fresh ocean atmosphere and the restaurant is not an exception. It is further consolidated by installing the modern hood machine into kitchen area. The well ventilate restaurant no doubt carries extra comfort to customer throughout the meal.

Quality breakfast is inevitable factor to formulate a prestigious service. Since the process is influenced by many stakeholders, the comprehensive management over multi aspects is essential rather than focusing on a single component’s performance.

Firstly, entire use of induction kitchens not only saves time during food processing without any adverse effect on deliciousness but also able to avoid the heat and smoke, the inherent inconveniences caused by regular operation of gas cylinder cooking system. In addition, the hygiene issue is underlined by importing Germany dishwasher and strictly adhering to our code which is based on international standard.

Food suppliers are also considered carefully to ensure dishes that our guests enjoy are derived from most reliable sources. Within Materials’ premium calibre and competent chefs, it is believed that both Asian and European cuisine can be done in most prevalent way as well as innovative addition.

The variety of foods and drinks every day including meat, sea foods, fish, juices, coffee... shall be a crucial factor of a quality meal. Additionally, our statement of quality is enhanced by collecting the coffee bean directly from farm then processing by ourselves.

Moreover, being able to observed cooking process directly probably generates you a feeling of your family kitchen.

Phuong Anh Restaurant Menu

nha trang seafood
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